Contest is extended to May 31, 2020.

The international contest, “Art of 3D Graphics,” is extended to May 31, 2020. NVIDIA supporting the contest with a special category.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the hosts of the Art of 3D Graphics Contest extended the submission period to May 31, 2020. There’s no fee to enter and every 3D artist can participate.

The hosts – The State Russian Museum and RebusFarm  – have already received over 500 works of art. More than 300 3D artists from 60 countries have submitted their pieces. Their art is uploaded daily and selected submissions can be viewed on the project website:

The established international jury, which includes professional experts in classic and modern art, will select winners in the following categories: Architecture, Environment, Characters, Vehicles, Animal World, Art, World of Future and AI, and a Free Topic.

Top pieces of 3D art will be exhibited in the Marble Palace in Saint-Petersburg. The best pieces will be selected as category winners and included in the final catalogue that the Russian State Museum will publish before the exhibition opens.

The Art of 3D Graphics project keeps evolving. Every artist can now submit up to 5 best pieces for the contest. A new category has been added – The World of Future and AI – which will be presented at the exhibition by NVIDIA, a worldwide leader in AI.

Last year, NVIDIA announced a new class of devices – RTX STUDIO  laptops and PCs that accelerate creative workflows. Today, over 45 content creation apps, from 3D rendering to real-time video editing, have RTX accelerated features.

There are ongoing conversations with software and hardware makers about allocating awards for the contest winners.

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