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about the project

The Exhibition-Contest "Art of 3D Graphics" is the First International event of such a format, which will be held in Russia. The best works of contemporary 3D artists as well as the presentation of the authors and their concepts will be exhibited in the classic museum space of the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg for the first time.

In spring 2020, the State Russian Museum will celebrate the 125th anniversary. The exhibition "Art of 3D Graphics" will be one of the main events of the anniversary year, where creators of 3D graphics, winners of international competitions and aspiring artists from all over the world are invited.

During the contest preceding the exhibition, the authoritative international jury consisting of professional experts from different areas of classical and contemporary art, will determine the winners in the following categories:  Architecture, Characters, Vehicles, Animals, Future world and AI, Art, Free topic.

The best 3D works, selected on a competitive basis, will be presented at the exhibition in the Marble Palace, and the winners of the competition - awarded prizes. The winner images will be included in the final catalog that will be released by the Russian Museum at the opening of the exhibition.

The aims of the project are to present the popular areas of modern fine art at a new level of prestigious museum sites, to familiarize a wide audience of "classical museums" with modern trends in the development of artistic creativity.

Being at the forefront of modern trends the Russian Museum with the support of RebusFarm, a leading render farm for 3D graphics, plans to implement this idea in the form of a Biennale or other regular format.

  • The State Russian Museum / Marble Palace
    St. Petersburg, Russia


 "Art of 3D Graphics"

Every 3D artist can take part in “The Art of 3D Graphics” contest. The Age of participants is not limited and  the participation in the competition is free.

Information for participants

Every participant can submit several of his best works in various categories, regardless of the date of creation. Those participants whose work has passed the second qualifying stage will be admitted to the final exhibition which will be held in the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia).

FIRST STAGE. The organizers conduct an initial selection of the submitted works with the results published on the event website in early 2020.

SECOND STAGE. From the works selected in the first stage, the experts choose the works allowed to participate in the exhibition and contest.

THIRD STAGE. Choosing the winners of the contest. At this stage, the winners have to submit their works in the prescribed format (see technical requirements for the exhibition files).

FOURTH STAGE. Exhibition in the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum. Date - autumn 2020 (details will be published on the event website after the participants selection).

Registration procedure:

1. Fill out the registration form on the event website (ONLY in English here)
2. Receive a notification of your account creation. Please confirm the registration as soon as you receive the e-mail notification.
3. Upload images here (no more than 5 works; all works must be created by means of 3D modeling software) through your account. If desired so, you can also upload:
- several images (not more than 5 pieces) in addition to the main image (details, fragments, another angle);
- link to the video files: making of and/or video of your work.

Technical requirements for the contest:
- jpg. Maximum 1920 px on the large side; maximum image size - 2 Mb.
- the image should not contain the copyright of the artist: name or logo (it will be added by the organizers before publication).

Technical requirements for the exhibition:
Exhibition works will be presented on photo canvases in a large format and LED-TV. 
- jpg, tif, or png.
- the preferable size is 16K or higher (for print).

- minimum 8K 16:9 (8192 x 4608 px) or 4:3 (8192 x 6144 px).

Each exhibitor will receive up to 100 RenderPoints  (for the RebusFarm render farm service) to render high-quality images if those are missing. You can get the code for RenderPoints by sending a request letter to [email protected] with the corresponding request.

Application deadline: may 31th, 2020.








Future world and AI




 "Art of 3D Graphics"


 "Art of 3D Graphics"


Date of Event:
Autumn 2020. The exact date will be published on this website in early 2020.

State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia (5 Millionnaya St., Marble Palace)

Information for Participants:
Authors of works selected for participation in the final exhibition will receive a copy of the catalog in Russian or English in person or through their representatives. The catalogs will be presented at the opening ceremony, during the exhibition or by post-delivery.
During the exhibition, direct and electronic spectator voting will be organized with the winners to be awarded with diplomas and additional prizes.

Following the event, a special commission of the Russian Museum will select several works for the museum collection. At the same time, the organizers and the Russian Museum retain the right to use digital and printed works exclusively for the organization of exhibition events in future.

Participation in the exhibition does not imply cash prizes or rewards.
Entries are accepted only through the registration form on the contest website.
Works that do not meet the technical requirements are not accepted for participation in the contest and exhibition.
The organizers reserve the right not to notify applicants of the reasons of the work admission refusal. Each applicant will receive a personal response on the selection results.

You can receive additional information by e-mail: [email protected]



Joseph Kiblitzky (The State Russian Museum)
Joseph Kiblitsky
The State Russian Museum
Ralph Huchtemann (RebusFarm)
Ralph Huchtemann
Roman Tsapik (Render.ru)
Roman Tsapik
Jeff Mottle (CGarchitect)
Jeff Mottle
Manny Fragelus (CGSociety)
Manny Fragelus
Vasilis Koutlis (VWArtclub)
Vasilis Koutlis
Arseniy Korablev (Teya Conceptor)
Arseniy Korablev
Teya Conceptor
Zacharias Reinhardt (CGBoost)
Zacharias Reinhardt


Go to filling in the registration form for the contest.

Participation in the contest is free!


The State Russian Museum
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The State Russian Museum
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Information for Sponsors and Partners

The organizers of the event and the Russian Museum invite companies interested in the development and popularization of contemporary art to collaborate with us.
We offer you the opportunity to make yourself known by participating in a new, unusual museum format on a world-class site and guarantee full support from the administration of the Russian Museum and the organizers of the contest.

For all sponsorship issues, contact:

Irina Kardash

[email protected]

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